How we came to be…

We are thirty years in the making at Memphis Contract Packaging, Inc. (MCP) and our specialty is decades of effective personal care product development and manufacturing. We are a woman-owned business, rare and strong in the manufacturing industry, and we bring the passions for both effective hair care products and women business enterprise together.


The challenge: For generations, having produced and studied brands of products specially developed for naturally curly hair, we find that most products in the market tend to simply dilute essential oils in a bottle, and the result doesn’t bring to naturally curly hair what it truly needs. So, we decided to bring it!

Don’t wait for it! Nutrients can bring moisture, strength and repair to naturally curly hair roots RIGHT NOW and the process was born of our expertise. This little light of ours is called GROPLEX and we’re ‘gonna let it shine’!

GROPLEX is a manufacturing process designed to properly infuse Shea Butter, Keratin, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil and Argan oil into cleanser, conditioner, lotion, curl enhancer, shine and hair mask formulas, increasing the absorption of these nutrients into the hair, and providing more than just a diluted essential oil or two, like so many products in the market tend to do.

DON’T SETTLE FOR LESS THAN YOU DESERVE. The secret to the amazing effectiveness of GROPLEX is the technologically advanced infusion method of particular oils and nutrients into the formula, increasing absorption of the right nutrients into the hair strands, follicles, and scalp for maximum effectiveness of hair moisture, strength and repair.

GRO SECRETS brings generations of proven, certified manufacturing to your home with qualified blending technology that lends credibility to each item we produce and gives you peace of mind that only a proven manufacturer can provide.

Our Mission…

We became the solution: Technology and passion for effect beyond dilution have been brought together to bridge the gap for YOU and provide what the market longs for, our brand of GRO SECRETS curl and conditioning products.

It is our mission to take on the tough task of finding LASTING solutions to the demanding daily needs of your naturally curly hair, so that you don’t have to. Look no further. Rise. Shine. You can rely on GRO SECRETS.